Islamorada Restaurant

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2663 m.a.s.l. Sopó 19 ºC Min. age 18 years
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Get ready for a fabulous experience that includes gastronomic delights, Colombian festivities, and some of the best views of the Bogotá savannah. The Islamorada restaurant is the brainchild of famous Colombian singer Andres Cépeda. It is an exquisite sensorial experience that balances natural beauty and delicious gastronomy. You can enjoy wonderful dishes while taking in incredible architecture, built with local materials such as guadua (bamboo), clay, and wood. Enjoy the mountain and valley views and tour the enormous gardens. The cuisine combines flavors from Cuba, Colombia, and Florida (USA). This fusion provides a unique experience. At the end of your visit, we’ll have a car waiting to take you back to your hotel

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