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During the years that Arrampicata was created and established as one of the main travel agencies in Colombia, we have toured this diverse and extraordinary country. The variability of its landscapes from the beaches to the desert in just a few hours, from wooded mountains to snowy peaks in a blink of an eye, and from unique city to city full of culture and diversity have made us focus our development on the basis of sustainability, community tourism, environmental and cultural responsibility. We promote inclusion in each activity in communities and engage local tour guides.
In order to promote equitable, sustainable, and local economic growth, we work as a company to provide inclusive activities and services that incorporate cultural exchanges and personal fulfillment.These types of interactions have a multiplier effect for improving the quality of life in the local communities we visit.
We hope that the activities and destinations in our service portfolio might astonish and gratify anyone who comes along on our adventures. We commit to provide you with a unique experience along with a technological platform that allows you to immediately reserve trips online and view complete and up-to-date information about every destination and activity. This platform also guarantees you direct communication with our tracking and user service team 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This easy, clear and effective communication is vital to guaranteeing the your safety and quality of the experience. We promise you will be part of wonderful experiences in unique places, and that your trip will be indescribable, fascinating and unforgettable.
Remember that: “the mountains could as well be a way to escape from the cities and the men, from the turmoil and doubt…but in the purest and deepest sense it is not an escape form reality, but an encounter”

Jhon Cleare.

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