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PUNTA GALLINAS (from Riohacha)

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During this tour, the Caribbean Sea will always be a magnificent and reliable companion. The tour will start in Riohacha, passing through Manaure, location of the most important sea salt mines in the country, and where you can learn about the region's salt collection process, the sea breezes will cool your path and will accompany you to Uribiá, home of the indigenous Wayúu community of the upper and middle Guajira. Allow yourself to be delighted by the colors, customs and rituals of the community in Cabo de la Vela. Enjoy the view offered by the sand dunes that form in the Pilón de Azúcar and allow yourself to feel the freedom in the lookout of the Lighthouse thanks to the Caribbean breezes that are felt with great strength in this place. You will visit the Wind Farm, one of the first in Colombia, a place that generates wind energy thanks to the trade winds that occur in the Guajira throughout the year, enjoy the beaches of Honda and Hondita Bays, and continue your journey to Punta Gallinas. Fill yourself with ancestral traditions in TAROA DUNES, walk towards Punta Gallinas lighthouse and let yourself be amazed by the view in the northern point of the country, practice Sanboarding, and enjoy traditional flavors of the region at every meal.

Accommodation level:

For lovers of different experiences, the outdoors and the enjoyment of nature. Simple and basic accommodations equipped with tents with mattresses and / or hammocks with mosquito net. Public outdoor showers and baths.

Level 2
difficulty level:

Low difficulty level, suitable for people without previous experience, short trips of up to one hour on foot or by vehicle.


DAY 1 - Manaure - Uribia - Cabo de la Vela

The tour begins in Rioacha, a tourist and cultural district located on the Caribbean coast. From here we will leave for MANAURE, where the most important sea salt mines of the country are located. Through a tour of the Salinas de Manaure, you can learn about the salt collection process. We will continue the tour going to Uribiá, where we will visit the Indigenous reservation of the high and middle Guajira of the Wayúu community, and then head towards our next destination: Cabo de la Vela; The Wayuu culture, with its unique colors, customs and rituals, makes this destination unforgettable. Its beaches surrounded by desert can be seen from the Pilón de Azúcar, which offers a 360 view of the area. The breeze in this place will make you feel freedom in all its splendor. Admire from the viewpoint of the Lighthouse one of the most beautiful sunsets in the country.

DAY 2 - Punta Gallinas desert - Wind farm - Bahía Honda and Bahía Hondita - Punta Gallinas

After enjoying breakfast, depart from Cabo de la Vela to the wind farm, one of the first in Colombia. La Guajira is characterized by having trade winds throughout the year, which allows generating wind energy available in the upper Guajira. Continue the tour visiting the Honda and Hondita Bays, there you can relax in its waters feeling the winds that run through this beautiful region. Finish this day by reaching the northernmost tip of the continental plate of South America: Punta Gallinas. This end of land goes into the northwest of the sea, consisting of a set of natural accidents, and where there lives a community of at least 100 inhabitants of the Wayúu ethnic group. This will be the place to have dinner and have a well-deserved and peaceful rest.

DAY 3 - Taroa Dunes - Punta Gallinas Lighthouse - Punta Agujas Beach

You will visit the TAROA DUNES, this is a land of ancestral traditions, where the winds are strong and the sky is perceived as blue as the sea in which it is reflected. Mounds of yellow sand that can be climbed to admire the splendor of the Caribbean Sea are perfect to perform and enjoy the Sandboarding experience with the guidance of professionals from the region. We will walk to Punta Gallinas Lighthouse, where you will feel what it is like to be in the northernmost point of Latin America. Enjoy the Punta Agujas beach and the Wayúu community constructions with rocks that resemble Pináculos (towers of more than one meter formed by calcareous rocks carefully placed one on top of the other). This day will culminate returning to dinner and rest at the Wayúu Inn where you will be staying.

DAY 4 - Return to Riohacha

Return to Riohacha

What to Bring

-Sunglasses, UV filter
-Hat or cap and sunscreen
-Water bottle, thermos or camelback for continuous hydration
-Towel for personal use to use during walks
-Small backpack to use during walks
-Shoes closed and comfortable to walk and easy to dry. Recommended to wear high boots. You can also bring extra sandals
-Lightweight jacket or raincoat
-Wear and use insect repellent
-Basic elements of personal hygiene
-Camera with additional batteries
– Traveler’s documents: passport, identity card or citizenship card, military passbook and health insurance card


• Keep in mind that you will visit several regions with desert climates, therefore, we recommend you to wear comfortable clothes according to your preference, preferably synthetic clothes of fast drying and of light colors. Long pants and shirts or long-sleeved shirts to protect from insects and the sun
• Respect the privacy of the natives of the region (indigenous and / or peasants)
• If you want to take photos with them you must ask permission first
•You must enjoy good health to make this trip
• Do not leave any kind of garbage in the places you visited
•Caring for and respecting the environment and the environment


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  • Accommodation in the hotel options indicated in the package purchased in the corresponding days of the tour
  • Personalized guidance in cities and towns mentioned
  • Instructors during all the activities descrived
  • Travel insurance during the days of the tour
  • Entry, visit and participation in all the places and activities mentioned in the tour itinerary
  • Flights and / or transfers NOT specified in the tour
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Accommodation in unspecified hotels
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